All are welcome to come to the School of Architecture’s End of Year Exhibition for 2009 – INDEX. Details are attached.


Yesterday some representatives from our design studio class this semester, Fabrication Technologies, presented our work so far to Ku-Ring-Gai Council. The representatives from Council who came to the presentation included landscape architects and people responsible for the facilities management. Enthusiastic and responsive, the Council representatives loved the work and were eager to see the project come to fruition. Part of the excitement was a response to an age old problem that has usually resulted in a cheap but boring solution.

The studio is going to, as a whole, develop the shelter to a point where it is ready for fabrication. ¬†With the help of Make Good Pty. Ltd., the shelter will hopefully be built. Council expressed that if the shelter doesn’t end up in Turramurra Memorial Park, they will all they can to see it built in an alternate location

I visited Hyde Park on Friday night, where pictures capturing moments of Life in Sydney were exhibited, along with the night noodle markets. The photos were simple but for those who live in Sydney, communicated much of what Sydney is about – its lifestyle and culture. Check out the details at

On the third of October, I ventured to the Sydney Architecture Festival at Customs House. While not necessarily displaying the best of what Sydney architecture had to offer, the Emergency Architects and the social/humanitarian areas were of interest, particularly in light of the earthquakes and tsunami last week in Samoa and Indonesia.

Part of the festival was the Ulterior Motives exhibition where work from our last studio was presented. Work was displayed from the final presentations of students, including my proposal ‘The Road Less Ridden’. The studio was lead by Adam Russell and Simeon King and also displayed early work from the semester, exploring the site through cinematics.

Ulterior Motives